Thanks for visiting the Grow Mall. We supply indoor garden lighting and hydroponic supplies.

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We offer many styles and types to choose from. High Pressure Sodium or HPS grow lights in 1000 watt, 600 watt, 400 watt, 250 watt and 150 watt. Metal Halide or MH grow lights in 1000 watt, 400 watt, 250 watt and 175 watt. We also offer 1000 watt Switchable or Two Way lights and 400 watt Switchable or Two Way lights. We offer lights from High Yield Lighting including the Cool Star ballast or CoolStar ballast, the Agro Star ballast or AgroStar ballast, the Airo Flow reflector or AiroFlow reflector, the Super Nova reflector or SuperNova reflector, the Lightwing reflector or Light Wing reflector, the Floralux fixture and Mini-Floralux fixture. We also have lights from Hydrofarm, Sunleaves, Sunlight Supply, PL Lighting and Hydrotek. We also carry replacment lamps from AgroMax or Agro Max, SUNMASTER, Hortilux, SolarMax or Solar Max, SolarNRG or Solar NRG, Grolux, Sylvania, Philips Son Agro or SonAgro, and GE. We also carry the new T5 grow lights, like TekLight or Tek Light and SilverStar or Silver Star.
We also carry nutrients, hydroponic suppies, grow chambers, air filters, carbon filters, organics, pumps, mylar, mylar film, supplements, enzymes, timers, controllers and much more.